The Threshold:

A Journey Back to the Heart of You


You stand at the center of your own Great Story.

You are the Heroine, brave and true.

Do you feel it?

Are you hungry to claim more of yourself?   

It may be that there are profound and life changing transitions afoot in your world, opening the door to a new way of being.

It may be that you know you have a good and gifted life, and yet you are yearning to be more yourself, more of the time.

It may be that you are looking at the world around you with a heavy and broken heart, wondering how to make a difference.

It may be that you realized you are exactly who you were raised to be...and are wondering who decided you were supposed to be that, anyway.

Beneath the stories of who you are supposed to be;
Behind the voices telling you what you ought to be doing instead;
Entangled in the beliefs that civilized you, is YOU, yourself.

The you who longs for more ease, or more vitality, more well-being, or more impact, more adventure, or more justice.


These desires, informed by the impossible dreams and ideals that you hold -
or have ever held -
together illuminate the way.

To invoke them is potent.

To resist them is painful.

You know your genius by what you long for.

To re-wild this holy hunger is sacred work indeed.  

To let that hunger loose on the world in
the act of living with fierce love is nothing less than a revolutionary, planet healing wonder.

Embark on a sacred journey back to the heart of yourself.

Admittedly, honoring yourself as the great and timeless heroine you are can take a little getting used to. Remember, and return afresh, oriented and equipped to take your place at the center of all that is, in your own Great Story.


  • the fullness, magic, and dignity of who you are designed to be.

  • your resilience, resourcefulness, and fluency with your inner knowing.

  • and re-wild the guidance system that is your holy hunger.

Come over the threshold in sisterhood, with women who are taking the same journey to the heart of themselves. There is power in women coming together to hold space for each other.   


Notice if you feel the call to this journey. You may feel the "yes" in your bones without even understanding it. It's part of your Remembering and your journey has already begun.

You have choices.

Step over The Threshold into more of yourself with:

  • the Sisterhood Experience - read on, sister;

  • one on one coaching and block removal;

  • bring her to a group you already have at the ready;

  • engage her as a speaker /facilitator for your team or event.

Click Join Us below and choose a time to connect to discuss any of these options.


You are welcome here. 


What you will experience with the Sisterhood Journey:

The Journey begins again in September, 2019. Sisters who have already stepped over The Threshold spoke into the process, sharing what they wanted more of and this is the result. What fun will be had!

Sheila helped me to see that I am perfect just as I am, in this moment, with all I need at my finger-tips. She created and held a safe space to allow my authentic self to surface, and she harnesses the power of the feminine, helping me to honor my innate strength.
— Tanya B.
  • Reading and content material for The Threshold program.
    Some of us like to have more structure than others of us. For those of us who hunger for reading and handouts, each stage of the experience includes some reading and prep materials. In some cases, you will also receive tools to support reflection and integration as you draw closer and closer to the heart of yourself. For those who find this kind of structure restrictive? No worries. Skip it.

  • Private FB group.
    In this sacred space, you will share and bear witness to the collective and individual journeys within the group. This is a place to remember who you are as a woman, leader, activist, mother, visionary, and to be seen and known as you embrace those parts of yourself in new ways. This is where the substance of the journey unfolds, with Sheila present and holding the container of the program.

  • Nine live, virtual gatherings on ZOOM.
    We will gather together on ZOOM once a week, with three exceptions. (See Integration Weeks.) Sheila will facilitate a shared experience of connection, grounding, and conversation about the journey. This is your opportunity to share and to be heard. For those who cannot make a call, the recording will be posted in the content, after the fact.  

  • Spread throughout the experience, three weeks of integration.
    Within the broader experience, there will be three weeks in which we do not have a live group call. Far from “down time,” these are important times of integration and allowing yourself to sit with what you are remembering about yourself. For you yoginis, consider these the yoga shavasana pose, which comes at the end of any practice, for this shared experience.

  • Impromptu, deepening sessions using Facebook Live.
    As themes and questions and celebrations arise, Sheila will lend support and lend perspective both as the sacred space holder and as a participating member of the sisterhood.

  • Recorded, guided meditations.
    As themes arise and the internal journey feels of service, these will show up on FB Live.

  • Journal/ art prompts.
    To support the medicine of Remembering.

  • Petite Rituals.
    The rush of a day can be slowed by taking a moment here and an extra breath there. When we imbue small, routine, daily activities with intention and meaning, we bring new levels of awareness, presence, and magic into the day.


 Your 14-week Threshold Journey will have you
gathering tools for the way (your key, your lantern),
looking for landmarks (your point of descent, your sacred cave),
and returning more yourself than you knew you could be (your gift).


 Potential Scenes from the Threshold Journey

We will be looking at the Sacred Initiations of our Journey, as we cross over the Threshold. The experience will look something like this, with a caveat that it will take on a slightly different form by September.

Week One: The Lantern of Remembering
Open the circle.
Inquiry 1: What is the sacred function of forgetting?
Inquiry 2: What is the sacred function of remembering?

Week Two: The Key
Step into your sovereignty.
Inquiry: What is your responsibility as the author of your Great Story?

Week Three: The Descent
Your 'I'm not enough' stories and your 'Something to Prove' stories
Inquiry: What gives these stories life and voice and power, today?

Week Four: Integration Week

Week Five: The Threshold
Accepting the call to step over the threshold, into the heart of yourself.
Inquiry: What is the best that could happen?

Week Six: The Sacred Cave
Discover the old stories.
Honor it. Release it.
Inquiry: What did the old stories help you forget, with respect to yourself and voice and power?

Week Seven: Integration Week

Week Eight: The Gift
Receive the gift of yourself, your desires, your forgiveness.
Inquiry: What might you dare to long for, now?

Week Nine: The Return
Step into your Triumph.
Inquiry: What is triumph and how do you know you are living it?

Week Ten: Integration Week

Week Eleven: The Witness
Honor the way. All of it.
Inquiry: What do you see when you look at you?

Week Twelve: The Radiance
Claim your own voice and power. Look beyond the circle.
Inquiry: What do you remember, now, about who you want to be?

I know very few people who can meet and love someone just as they are, as Sheila can. She has words that reach out and hug you and affirm “you are just right as you are” while also knowing just what to do to challenge you to grow into your truest self. Working with and learning from Sheila has been a true honor. She has been a key piece of my own glorious unfolding.
— Kim G.

 Calling you in, sister...


 If you already know you are a 'yes', we are delighted to journey together.

This invitation is for you if you count yourself a resourceful, capable woman, and you know yourself well, but you are weary and disoriented in your world as a leader, truth speaker, justice seeker, or media consumer, these days.

This is for you if:   

  • The familiar ways of doing things are not getting the same results.

  • You feel distant from yourself, your gifts and purpose, and even your own preferences and desires.

  • You are working harder than ever before to try to be present for those you care about, with mixed results.

  • Your leadership, of self or others, is feeling tainted by an unhealthy dose of 'imposter syndrome.'

  • You are a woman who knows, or even suspects, there are wonders at play beyond what  we see.

  • You are hungry for sisterhood; an alignment of purpose with other, self-responsible women.

  • You wonder where your bright-eyed, adventurer self has gone, and you long for her vitality.

This journey is not for everyone. It will not be a good fit for you if:

  • You believe there is only one right way to approach soulful learning or spiritual growth.

  • You are considering this invitation as a sales growth opportunity, to access more clients for your work in the world.

  • You do not want to learn and grow in the presence of other women, compassionate witnesses to your journey.

  • You know your stories are so deeply embedded and traumatic that you cannot yet see them clearly, or you feel lost to despair. (I will direct you to loving, capable resources. Please ask.)

  • You do not thrive in community that is designed to be welcoming for women of every race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

Your investment in the best of yourself...

Register by August 14, 2019, and save $900. Early bird price: $1850.

Starting August 15, 2019, $2750 for the full program.

Book a complimentary, zero obligation, 30 minute call below to explore whether this offering or one on one coaching/ spiritual mentorship might be for you.

Part gift, part practiced skill, Sheila has the knack of “seeing” you by hearing you, and knowing what you are saying whether you are saying it, or not. She has helped me to steep in my story, revel in it and heal the parts that had scabbed over but had gaping wounds underneath. With her at my side as my guide, I have taken stock of the high points and danced in joy and wonder at all my life has been and will be.
— Alison R.

Meet Your Spaceholder and Lamplighter 


I hold the lantern high at the threshold between - between familiar and unfamiliar, known and unknown, what was and what is, the real and the more real - and I light the way for you to explore the unfamiliar places that hold secrets and keys to your liberation and fullest expression.

I am a space holder, a way shower, a healer, an energetic alchemist who has supported many hundreds of beautiful souls, over more than fifteen years, to remember themselves and the fullness of their own unseen and internal resources.

I facilitate healing and remembering experiences through heart-centered coaching, transformational energy work, and guided and exploratory visioning to create compelling future states that cannot help but draw you forward into them. I work with the subtle senses that underlie intuition to help you transform and empower your stories and your leadership at work, at life, at home, at play.

Madly in love with our creative, wandering, triumphant, flailing, trying, stumbling, dust-ourselves-off and go-it-again selves, I am a Guardian and Keeper of Mattering, tasked with illuminating meaning and purpose in the shadowy, uncertain, soulful places.

The outcome of partnering with me and other sisters on the journey, in support of your best self? More ease, more clarity, more vitality, more fully expressed gifts, more living out loud in the world. Turns out the more you give to yourself, the more of you there is to share.

When the going is hard, I help you remember yourself and find your way; when the going is steady, I help you expand into the More you are intended to be.

The adventure comes to you.

No matter how chaotic my life felt before getting on a call with Sheila, I left feeling grounded and at ease. Sheila pulls from a wealth of visualizations and practices and knows exactly how to tailor those to our needs and goals.
— Erica S.

And come as you are.

Always as you are.