I am a Mid-Wife of Remembering: Your gifts. Your magic. And in the midst of it all? Yourself.

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Beneath the stories of who you are supposed to be, the voices telling you what you ought to be doing instead, and the beliefs that civilized you, is YOU, yourself:

The you that longs for more ease, or more vitality, more well-being, or more impact, more freedom, more adventure, or more justice.

These desires, informed by the impossible dreams and ideals that you hold (and maybe even forgot that you hold) together illuminate the way.

To invoke them is potent. To resist? Painful. You know your genius by what you long for. 

To re-wild your holy hunger is the sacred work of remembering.

To let that hunger loose on the world in the act of living with fierce love is nothing less than a revolutionary, planet healing, wonder.   

I hold that you are ready. I hold that you are worthy. I hold that you are enough. I hold that you are wise. I hold that you are brave enough to navigate your fears. I hold that you are brave enough to navigate your privilege.

I hold that you are powerful and equipped for transformation and expansion when you feel broken and ill-equipped, and also when you feel strong and open and mighty. I hold that there is more.

Aligning with your truth feels like remembering, and lighting the way is my particular magic.  To bear witness and see you set free is my joy. 

Join us. An adventure is brewing.

It promises vitality and well-being, joy and remembering, and so much more of yourself.

Come as you are. Always, as you are. 

     Sheila xo

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