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Work With Me

When it comes to living your own Great Story, the rhythms and seasons of the journey itself are guiding. If we stay always in a season of productivity and harvest of our gifts and talents and creativity, we find ourselves spent, confounded at the absence of the creative or productive energies we had last year, or just yesterday, or even an hour ago.

Sheila works most effectively and most with those who stand on a threshold; between who you are and who you want to be, between the vision you hold and the reality you live, between the known and the unknown, between the perceptions of others and who you believe yourself to be, between crisis and clarity, between knowing and wisdom.  

She stands at the threshold and holds the lantern high, helping you remember the heart of yourself and all that you hunger for. She helps you to move through the seasons of your journey, working with archetypes and your own story style, to illuminate meaning and purpose, while supporting transformation.

The work is yours to do. Sheila holds the space and lights the way.   

Ways to work with Sheila

There are a variety of ways Sheila works with those who feel the invitation.

The Threshold Programs: Shared group experiences, including online learning and virtual gathering places.

Ever More Myself, One on One : Three month packages available. 

Clearing the Way in Organizations and Community: Work with leaders and in workplace cultures to rewrite the collective experience in a way that honors and aligns the organizational story and the stories of the individuals within that culture. 

Bring Sheila in as Speaker and Fire Lighter: Sheila speaks and facilitates group experiences for all sizes at conferences and summits, Business Schools, and anywhere people gather. Contact Sheila to request a speaker package. 

The Threshold Programs

Depending on the season you are in, one of the following will be your entry point.

More details coming soon.

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The Descent 

There is a time for everything under the sun, including leaving behind the sun altogether and retreating into our sacred places. This is where we must stand and look without blinking to our shadows, and our forgotten, rejected parts of ourselves. We cannot live in the fullness of expression without going within to reclaim, restore, and release ourselves from the stories that bound us up before we knew better.  

Life doesn't stop when our soul calls us back into itself, and there are ways to gain the full benefits of the descent without losing our loved ones and our jobs and our work in the world.   


The Return

There is a time to come forth again from the shadows, where it may look like we have been at rest. We come back to ourselves and stand blinking now, in the light, appreciating how much we have done. We integrate and express ourselves in clumsy and novel ways. Creativity is at a high, but our systems aren't yet at full function. We start with relationships at home and with trusted people. 

And again, life doesn't stop when we are just returning to our expression, transformed and inspired but disoriented. There are ways to harness the fullness of this integration even as you allow your roots to ground you surely before you launch yourself fully into the world.


The Radiance 

There is a time for our fullest expression to be gifted into the world, when our focus is clear and functional. We feel the flow, when the timing is divine, and every idea and action builds on another. We stand in The Radiance of our  creative resonance; Reliable, trustworthy with our own impulses, able to work well in the synergy of the greater environment and with others at the various stages of their own great stories. 

And in the seasons, as they unfold, there is no extending this season beyond what it will have. As every season, rhythm, and cycle, it will ebb and wane and begin to come to close. It can incite fear and panic, and there are ways to be in the world and navigate the transition from The Radiance back to The Descent, where all the good work is seeded, without burning our bridges behind us.