Why I Responded to an article about Nude Selfies.

Life is hard and rife with suffering.

In my experience, most of us don’t like that suffer part. The more painful it gets out here, the more inclined we are to move inside: inside our homes, our communities, and ourselves. This is especially true on our spiritual journeys, when we are wondering about big questions of meaning and purpose, perception and life, in an attempt to escape. But nothing changes.

There’s a time for that. It’s good to retreat and restore and take good care of myself with clean boundaries and rest. For any of us.

But if our quest leads us to recline overlong in a cave on a mountain top, above and removed from society, it is worth looking inward to be sure we haven’t overstayed the season. There is a time to engage again with the world, and to use our voices and our gifts.

I have been in that cave for awhile. It was good. Good things happened there. Important things. And I emerge a little later than I should I have, equipped to do more that when I went in. But it’s time for me to take my turn to speak up and engage with the world in a loving way, even with all our drama and heart break, wherever the opportunity presents itself.

I know I am wired to find meaning in the mundane; to illuminate substance and what matters where it may not be evident. This is a great gift for a gratitude practice, or for bringing mindfulness and intention to our day to day choices and relationships. It also means I feel real discomfort when I feel a conversation is missing something critical; I am acutely aware of what is left unsaid.

So, when I read an article that landed as irresponsible and not mindful of the audience who might stumble upon it? I felt compelled to respond and broaden the scope of the conversation.

And this, I did. I tried to do so mindfully, directly, and with care.

Please see below for my response to an article opining that nude selfies are a normal, beautiful expression of our sexuality.

I object to it being published in this way, but not for the reasons you think. Probably.

Check out the Elephant Journal article here.