About Sheila

Sheila helped me to see that I am perfect just as I am, in this moment, with all I need at my finger-tips. She created and held a safe space to allow my authentic self to surface, and she harnesses the power of the feminine, helping me to honor my innate strength.
Erica S

A soulful participant. A compassionate witness. A mother-warrior-priestess. A Mid-Wife of Remembering the more of ourselves. Madly in love with our creative, wandering, flailing, triumphant, stumbling, falling, dust-ourselves-off and go-it-again selves. Madly in love with trees. A Guardian and Keeper of Mattering, Sheila is designed to illuminate meaning and purpose in all the places.

Sheila is a Mentor, Teacher, Writer, and Coach
with a hunger for elevating the human experience.

She knows personal transformation as a former Evangelical Christian who claimed her gifts, and a former attorney in the Corporate world called to soulful service.

Sheila's wish? That we inhabit our lives with open hearts that break for beauty and for suffering, always with love.

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