My deepest desire

is to know what lights your fire, and to know YOU know what that is. I want you to hunger, and then hunger more, so right action calls you forth. I want you to remember who you are at the heart of you, full of courage, wonder, and vitality. 

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I want you to fall in love with yourself, and claim the fullness of your internal resources in support of the adventure that leads you to deeper joy and abundance in all the facets of your world.

Why this work

I stand at the threshold, lantern high, in the betweens - between familiar and unfamiliar, known and unknown, what was and what is, the real and the more real - because I have traversed these places in all manner of ways, living out my own story.

I have stumbled into the betweens, lonely and lost. I have crawled in, begging for mercy and illumination. I have had the shadowy places descend on me when I thought all was well and good. I have hidden there, or tried to hide, numb with fear pretending not to care. And I have navigated the betweens with mentors and way-showers, in community and alone. I have stepped willingly and boldly over the threshold, and I have been dragged in kicking and screaming. 

As happens, my body and my life have mirrored the complexity of the journey within.  

In my way, I have known depression. I have known joy. I have known the shock of a tumor bleed in my brain and I have known the love and support of community. I have known chronic pain and  spontaneous paralysis, losing function of an arm, as a mom to two small children. I have known surrender. I have known a broken heart and loss and grief. I have known righteous rage, and outrage. I have known forgiveness. I have known healing. I have known the love and care of tribe. I have known the  desperate pain of loneliness. I have known the twisted pride of busy-ness and hundred-hour work weeks. I have known the reclaiming of myself, and the losing of her again, and the reclaiming. Again. 

In the course of my own travels, remembering has changed so much. I remembered I am a healer, and always have been. I remembered I impact the world as a woman, as a leader, as a professional. I remembered how clear and steady and alive my intuition is. I remembered I know old things, ancient things, without knowing the learning of them. I remembered I recognize the substance of truth. I remembered I am love.

My story is unique, and also like so many. I have been witness to stories, lived out in front of me, that humble me and fill me with wonder, or horror, or hope. Every one of them fascinates me.

In the words of Brené Brown 

Everyone has a story that will break your heart. And, if you're really paying attention, most people have a story that will bring you to your knees.

I am no longer paralyzed by my fear of the dark, within. I no longer believe that what lurks in the shadowy places is more powerful than me, or than you. I believe with my whole heart that none should go it alone. And I believe no one is equipped to claim "I know. Let me tell you your way."

Those who have navigated the thresholds can hold the lantern and walk beside, or go out ahead and make a way, for awhile. We can point to the landmarks, show you where to leave the offerings, and interpret some of the signs that shake the ground and tremble in the air.  

But the remembering? That work is your own. And my own. The magic of it? Potent. The gifts you will discover there? You don't even know...

And this, dear one, is the passion laid on my heart. It is the work I can't breathe without; to walk the way and carry the lantern for us both, as we do this work together for us all.

It's my contribution to saving the world.   

Sheila's Impact in the World

My experience having Sheila as my coach has been nothing short of profound and life changing. I don’t often find someone who can hold space for the deeper inward journeys that are calling me. Sheila is someone I have come to trust as a fellow traveler and guide. Her insights have functioned as keys that have opened exactly the right doors for me. Moving through those new portals has given me access to levels of experience beyond what I thought possible. I’m deeply grateful for her support.
— Rick G

Sheila has worked with hundreds of beautiful souls, over more than fifteen years, to remember themselves and the fullness of their own unseen and internal resources.

She facilitates healing and remembering experiences through heart-centered coaching, transformational energy work, and holographic visioning of future states so compelling they cannot help but draw you forward into them. She works with the subtle senses that underlie intuition to help you transform and empower your stories and your leadership at work, at life, at home, at play.

Madly in love with our creative, wandering, triumphant, flailing, trying, stumbling, dust-ourselves-off and go-it-again selves, Sheila is a Guardian and Keeper of Mattering, tasked with illuminating meaning and purpose in the shadowy, uncertain, soulful places of those who work with her. The outcome? More ease, more clarity, more focused and meaningful impact in the world.

When the going is hard, Sheila helps you remember yourself and find your way; when the going is steady, Sheila helps you expand into the more you are intended to be.

The adventure comes to you.

Join us.

And come as you are. Always as you are

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