Beneath the stories of who you are supposed to be;
Behind the voices telling you what you ought to be doing instead;
Entangled in the beliefs that civilized you,
is YOU.

Your Self.  

The part of you that recognizes a call to more; an ache that feels like grief for some mysterious thing, as yet undone.

You might long for more ease, or more vitality, more well-being, or more impact, more adventure, or more joy, more justice, or more love.

These longings, informed by the impossible dreams and ideals that you hold - or have ever held - together illuminate a way uniquely your own.

To invoke your longing is potent.

To resist it is painful.

To re-wild this holy hunger is sacred work indeed.  

And to let this hunger loose on the world in the act of living, leading, creating, disrupting, with fierce love is nothing less than a revolutionary, planet healing wonder.

It will sate this thirst you feel in your soul.


 There is change in the air. . .


A shift in the balance and order of things. We are in the throes, and the throes ain’t pretty, but they bring to the surface wounds only partially healed so we can give them our attention.

Our attention is requested.

The throes activate us to remember what we stand for and where we want to be in the stories that will be told by our children and their children.  

It happens that we are remembering ourselves.

Remembering we are more than the things we do, the problems we solve, and the people we worry about.

Remembering we can rewrite the limiting stories and beliefs that set the parameters for who we can and cannot be.

Remembering we are the heros and heroines at the center of our own stories, brave and true.

But life moves fast and there are deadlines and carpools and humans who need you.
Who has time?

If only we could find ways to slow down and step out of the race to access the deep knowing we already have and heed those inklings and urges.

What if there is a way to work within the time bounds of your day to day in a way that:

  • Helps you to better know your own rhythms and seasons, so you can work with them, not against them.

  • Illuminates where you are in your Hero/Heroine’s Journey, in a way that brings meaning to the mundane and a sense of purpose to what you predict can come next.

  • Creates and protects safe space for exploration and good wondering, allowing for a fresh view and perspective.  

  • Breathes life into your vision so you can step into as full an expression of this Self as you would like, in any place in your life.

  • Illuminates the mysterious in support of your own sacred expansion. as you find yourself able to make choices that complement each other rather than compete.  


This is Re-Wilding.

And it unwinds the pervasive stories
that limit your imagination and willingness
so you can maneuver around challenges you once believed were blocks and barriers.

Sheila PBS-Sheila PBS-0023.jpg

Meet Sheila

I am a sacred space holder and coach who holds the lantern high at The Threshold between where you are now and where you long to be.

I walk with you and I bear witness as you release fear, hesitation, proving, and suffering as a merit badge for effort.

There is power and might in this kind of surrender that creates space for more of your Self.

It needn’t be dramatic. It needn’t be terrifying. It needn’t even be hard. Really.

It is a journey to the heart of yourself.

You were made for this.

A word weaver, internal shadow keeper, light wayshower, and divinely spirited mentor, Sheila is extraordinary. I used to wonder if there were people out there who could put words to mystical experiences for it is so hard sometimes to explain what happens in the unseen world. Sheila has a beautiful way of uncovering what is happening within, visually tracking it, and then placing words to help it land. If you are looking for a soulful mentor, healer and visionary wayshower, I highly recommend working with Sheila.
Sora Surya No,

Your invitation

Explore this page and offerings and get to know me, here. You will know in your bones if this sounds like a fit. Reach out and schedule a conversation to see which offering(s) might be most helpful.

Above all, may this body of work and our collective yearning for more or better be of service to you, to me, to our Earth.

An adventure is brewing.

Come as you are.

Just as you are.


Hint: You do not want to live in the fullest expression of you all the time. There’s a time for everything under the sun, reflection and deep work, planting and allowing, enjoying, and then harvesting, only to do it all again. We aren’t well served to stay in the upheaval of the violent, expressive, beautiful, productive energy of spring all the days of the year, no matter what the world would have us believe.